I’ve been chronically ill since I was nineteen years old. Despite the challenges of chronic illness, I’ve had a wonderful life.  I’ve been a social worker for almost three decades, and hold licenses to practice psychotherapy in two states.  My book, Living Well With Chronic Illness,  was published by MSI Press in August, 2015.  Since August, 2015, I’ve also blogged regularly on the Huffington Post. This blog shares little tips, tools, and perspectives that have helped me lead a happy life while struggling with illness.  I also repost my HuffPost blogs here .  I hope you enjoy the blog.  To paraphrase my book, I offer my blog with love and kinship.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. After reading about you and the efforts you made, word impossible should be erased from the dictionary.
    So inspired from you !!
    Wish you the best, always


  2. Joanna, looking forward to when your book is released. Would like to get a copy for my wife. So far, your website and your information has me wanting to read more. Wishing you much success on your book.


  3. I’m so excited about the release of Living Well with Chronic Illness! Joanna has done a fabulous job with this book. It’s exceedingly interesting, entertaining, and helpful for those of us with a chronic illness or with someone we care about who has a chronic illness.


  4. Hi Joanna, My name is Pam. My grandmother was Anna Muller. I believe she worked for your family, the Newburgers, many years ago. I came across a letter you wrote and would love to hear any stories you may have about her.


  5. Pam, I remember your grandmother talking about you with much love. Of course, I’d be happy to share my memories of her with you. Please send me your phone number, (and time zone), and I’ll give you a call. (I’m writing all of the time, so I’d prefer to call these days.) Your grandmother was a warm, loving, firm influence in my childhood, and I remember her well, Warmly, Joanna


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