One vacation day, I went to the earliest showing of the movie, Hidden Figures, at about 10:30 on a Friday morning. Settling into my seat, I heard a baby crying. Initially annoyed, I checked my bad attitude. I reasoned that the baby’s caregiver had probably picked a showing in which the baby was least likely to annoy other movie patrons. No one goes to the movies that early on a weekday without a good reason, such as needing to get out of the house for a break.


I decided to accept the baby and simply hoped it would calm down. It did. It gurgled a few times during the film, but that was all. I felt ashamed that I’d initially been so indignant, but also pleased by my change of heart. Sometimes the only thing in my control is my attitude. I fail often, but I continue to try to remember to be positive and kind whenever possible.


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