Once when in a grocery store as a teenager, I watched as my grandmother declined to purchase lemons, informing me that they were overpriced. This surprised me. Grandma’s home was filled with antiques, and she often traveled internationally. As I’ve lemon-1024641__340grown older, I’ve come to understand her refusal to buy the pricey lemons. Grandma’s ability to make prudent daily purchases enabled her to splurge on larger items when she chose to. She never minded spending money, but she demanded value, whether going on a luxury cruise or buying a lemon. I try to follow her example by getting good value out of everything I buy. I’ve often been told I’m “good with money.” I apply this principle to other areas of my life as well. My time and energy are limited because of poor health. So whatever activity I embark on, I want to ensure it has value to me, whether it’s important or insignificant.


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