When I arrived early to the movie, I decided to buy popcorn and eat it in the theater’s lounge behind the ticket taker’s line. This location allowed me to happily “people watch.” Rogue One: A STAR WARS STORY was in its second day of release, and swarms of eager Star Wars’ fans jammed the lobby.


Star Wars isn’t my favorite movie franchise. I’ve seen only the original 1977 film, but I can appreciate the devotion of its fans. Countless school-age boys, who seemed wildly excited, waited in line. Numerous couples were in the crowd as well as many individuals in their twenties and thirties. Their excitement and happiness unified them in my mind. Watching all those happy filmgoers made me feel a kinship with them. I’m often at my happiest at the movies, and I understood their emotions. Star Wars doesn’t need to be my favorite film franchise for me to appreciate the joy I see in its devotees. I watched the new Will Smith film, Collateral Beauty, but I’m grateful to Star Wars for another happy experience at the movies.

RIP Carrie Fisher. You were amazing in life and in the movies. We will miss your wit and courage



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