In 2011 I mastered cooking chocolate-covered bacon. I’d eaten it at the County Fair and wanted to explore replicating this odd treat. After much experimentation, I perfected the recipe. Occasionally I’d make the chocolate-covered bacon for curious friends or incredulous co-workers who needed convincing that these two foods were great together.

In 2015 I worked for the emergency mental health service (Consult Liaison–CL) at my hospital. I decided we should have a “Bacon-Off,” a feast of all things bacon. I involved the entire team. In large letters on our whiteboard I wrote, “Sometimes you have to eat some dead pig” and signed it Albert Einstein. A few doctors thought the quote was authentic, necessitating that I explain the joke.


At the end of 2015, I moved positions to a different part of the Mental Health Department. I convinced my successor in Consult Liaison to host the 2nd Annual CL Bacon-Off. Once again everyone got on board, and we enjoyed a feast of all things bacon. My successor completely committed to the event, making possibly the best bacon I’ve ever eaten.

When we live with chronic illness, we need to remember to have fun. The Consult Liaison Bacon-Off helped me have fun and brought my colleagues, old and new, along for the ride. To my beloved vegetarian and vegan readers, I respect your choices and hope you don’t take offense at mine.


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