Occasionally my pursuit of good health fails so thoroughly that all I can do is laugh at myself. Last fall I bought a half-gallon of chocolate chip ice cream. I needed an indulgence and convinced myself I’d eat the ice cream over the course of a week. I rarely buy ice cream because I struggle with portion control with sweets. I’m certain I’ve never bought an entire half-gallon of ice cream before.

Once home, I ate one serving, and then another. This was possibly the best chocolate chip may-see-ice-1694251__340ice cream I’d ever tasted. I continued with my evening, but I could hear the siren call from the freezer. By the end of the evening I’d eaten the entire half-gallon.

The next day at work, I confessed to my two wonderful officemates what I’d done. One of the women stated she’d done exactly the same thing. I felt better and convinced myself I’d never overindulge to that extreme again. Except I did exactly the same thing a few days later.

It’s been several months since I ate a gallon of ice cream in two separate evenings. I’m usually mindful in all my health practices, but I somehow got severely off track that week. It happens. It’s not the end of the world, and I still think it’s funny.


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