I make the same salad for lunch almost every day. Many colleagues have commented on how good it smells and looks. It’s easy to assemble, nutritious, low calorie, and filling.



  1. Approximately 2 cups small pieces of lettuce. (I prefer Romaine. I buy bagged and washed lettuce, which cuts down on my preparation time in the morning.)
  1. Three ounces of smoked, nitrate-free turkey, sliced into ½-inch square pieces. (I cut the turkey with a scissor.)
  1. One-half avocado cut into small pieces
  1. Sliced cucumbers or red peppers
  1. Three to five tablespoons of dried Parmesan cheese
  1. A few shakes of garlic powder—approximately ¼ teaspoon
  1. Two tablespoons of olive oil or Italian salad dressing. (I use Ken’s Northern Italian low-calorie dressing, which has a low sugar content.)


Mix ingredients 2–7 together in the bottom of a bowl, add the lettuce, and toss. If you’re taking the salad to work, wait until lunchtime to toss it all together.


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