My head hurt. I’d begun using reading glasses after having two cataract surgeries, and I often pushed them to the top of my head at work whenever they weren’t in use. I thought my head might be sore from the glasses resting on it, so I then took them off whenever I didn’t need them. After a week, my head remained sore. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor to find out why. My primary care physician was out for the day, soimages I saw another doctor in the same practice. This doctor looked at the MRI of my head that had been taken in December after I’d had an accident (see my blog post below: “Cataracts: Practicing What I Preach”) and informed me that I had a cranial anomaly.

Clearly outlined on the MRI was what looked like small ski slope on my skull, with a deeper indentation on one side of the mound. The doctor stated, “Like Lady Gaga says, you were Born That Way.” He appeared to be an older gentleman in his sixties or early seventies, and he seemed mighty pleased with his ability to quote a pop icon. Throughout our conversation, he repeated this observation several times, as if he was concerned I’d missed the joke. Thankful that I hadn’t developed a new ailment, I laughed from relief. I never found out why my head hurt, but I no longer care. With fifteen things wrong with my body and eye issues that have been on going for seven months, I’m thrilled to have an anomaly instead of an ailment. Way to go, Lady Gaga.


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