A reluctant cook, I live off raw, ready-made, and frozen food. But even a casual chef needs sharp knives, and mine were dull. So I bundled up most of my cooking knives and planned to take them to one of the knife sharpeners who worked outside the local supermarkets. Hoknives-687081_960_720wever, I never seemed to be at the supermarket on the correct day, and the knives sat in my trunk for months.

One day, lured into my local hardware store by a holiday coupon, I remembered the dull knives in my car. It occurred to me that, with the right tool, I could sharpen the knives myself. Like a holiday miracle, knife sharpeners were on sale. The issue was resolved! At home I felt great sliding my dull knives through my new device. Like magic, they came out the other side sharp.

When we live with chronic illness, a new demand might weigh more than we can manage. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. But I’ve learned that if you are mindful of you needs and mood, and if you don’t pressure yourself, all tasks will be completed with time. I thought I needed to have a professional sharpen my knives, but in a moment of inspiration, I realized I could take care of this issue myself. I never stressed about the knives in my trunk, knowing that they would get sharpened one way or another, and they did.


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