I’ve written here in a previous post that my big brother, Charles, has guided me through many of life’s challenges. Once during the third of a four semester graduate program, I whined to him about my heavy workload. Charles’ response: If it were fun, everyone would do it. Understanding the wisdom of his words, I immediately stopped complaining.


Sometimes we choose to take on difficult tasks, hoping for positive rewards. We diet to lose weight, we exercise to improve or maintain our health, and we read long, complex books to expand our minds and souls. No one I know read Moby Dick for fun. As I recall, it contains about forty pages on rendering whale blubber. We read Moby Dick because we were assigned it in school or because we wanted to challenge ourselves.

So when I find myself willingly taking on difficult tasks, I try to remember Charles’ wisdom and not complain. Instead I keep my eyes on the prize and my mouth shut.

Photo credit: Margaret Charnas


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