I walked into my office on a Monday and announced to my colleagues that over the tv-1639240__340weekend I’d had a death in the family. Immediately concerned, they asked who had passed away. I explained that my twenty-eight-year-old TV died. They appreciated the joke and expressed incredulity that I’d still owned a television purchased in 1987. Everyone I know had replaced their old televisions with flat screens years ago.

I usually keep my electronics until they die or until they can’t support the programs I want. My old television worked, so I’d seen no need to replace it with a flat screen.display-296470__340

When my TV died, I went to Costco and purchased the cheapest flat screen available. The high-quality picture of the new set amazed me. This made me reconsider my MO. I decided that in the future I would be more open to change. I could have watched a clear, sharp picture for years had I not been so stuck in old habits. This year I acted on my new resolve and upgraded my four-year-old smart phone, even though the old one worked well. I love my new phone, and I’m proud of myself for altering a life-long habit in my mid fifties.


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