When we live with chronic illness, it’s important to remember that we know our bodies better than anyone else, even a medical expert. I was reminded of this recently when a friend came to my home early one Sunday morning seeking some emergency advice. After I’d listened to her and offered support, I suggested we venture to the local gem fair, which I thought she’d enjoy. In her rush to my house, she’d bypassed her morning routine and hadn’t styled her hair or put on make-up. I lent her the few beauty products I had on hand. When she asked me for face cream, I explained that I didn’t own any and use body cream instead. Incredulous, she began educating me on the importance of applying face cream to the delicate skin on my face. My friend meant well, but I didn’t want to pursue the issue.

Instead I asked, Do I look ten years younger than I am?aluminum-tubes-187804__180

She conceded that I did.

I countered: So I must be doing something right?

Resigned, she admitted I was right.

Maybe most people need face cream, but I clearly don’t. I’ve looked at least ten years younger than my biological age for decades, primarily as a result of good genes and sun aversion.

So when some well-meaning person insists they know your body better than you do, stand your ground and remember you are the expert.


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