We Are Rocky


Often when I need to tell my bosses that I’ve accomplished a difficult task, I’ll walk over to their office and thrust my fists in the air, “Rocky” style, to announce my success. “I just got Mr. X transferred to the VA!” I might exclaim. If I’m especially proud of myself, I’ll bounce from foot to foot the way Stallone did in the original Rocky. These gestures never need an explanation.

silhouette-1433188__180People unfamiliar with the original 1976 movie may not know that Rocky didn’t win the big fight at the end of the movie. He wanted to “go the distance,” which meant he’d still be standing at the end of the fifteen-round fight. People living with illness often feel that way. Like Rocky Balboa, we don’t need to be the best to win. Every time our health improves after a difficult struggle, we do win. So when you gain access to that medication you need or find a therapy that improves your life or pay off a medical bill, thrust your fists in the air, close your eyes, and remember that you’re a winner too.


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