Make the Magic Happen

As a theater major in college, with a mix of avoidance and ingenuity I managed to receive an undergraduate degree without writing a single academic paper. As a result, I was genuinely surprised when Boston University accepted me into its graduate program in social work. With so little academic background under my belt, coupled with bad health, I feared grad school would be train wreck.


When I sat down to write my first paper, I was terrified. My older brother had attended law school, and he provided me with great advice about writing papers in stages, but ultimately I had responsibility for them. I trembled in front of my typewriter the first time I embarked on writing a paper, and uttered this prayer: “Make the magic happen.”

I’ve never had writer’s block, but I’ve enough fear to fill the void that writer’s block might encompass. I repeat the mantra—make the magic happen—every time I sit in front of my computer feeling that old fear. This prayer reminds me of the magic in my life and that I’m capable of manifesting it. wizard-29808__180

I graduated from the B.U School of Social Work on time with an A- average. There’s magic available to all of us living with chronic illness. Often we can’t feel it, and accessing it seems impossible. But it’s there, and it is represented uniquely for everyone. Believe that you still have magic in your life. Couple that with bravery, and you might be as surprised as I was.


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