laundromat-928779__180For over a month last summer, my dryer was broken. Four service calls were required before it worked again. I didn’t want to haul my laundry to a laundromat, so instead I ran my washing machine constantly and hung everything to dry including my sheets and underwear. I live in a condo, so I used the shower rod in my extra bathroom as a drying rack. As soon as one load dried I washed another. This method required more planning than I cared to devote to my laundry, but hauling it to a Laundromat would have been more time consuming and tiring.

Life is full of large and small challenges. During the month without a dryer, I worked full time and spent most of my free time promoting my book, Living Well with Chronic Illness, which had been published the previous month. This left me extremely busy and worn out. But there was no point in getting upset about my dryer. Not having a working dryer wasn’t a catastrophe. Instead, I saved my emotions for more important issues.

Living with a chronic and unpredictable illness has taught me to manage life’s small ups and downs. I applied all the skills I’ve developed while dealing with my health to address this minor challenge. When life throws you a curve ball, don’t create unnecessary drama. Instead, make a plan, remain calm, and usually the problem will resolve with time.


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