In order to live well with chronic illness, it’s helpful to think outside the box. My friends who work full time often employ housekeepers. I live in a condo that’s less than a thousand square feet, and up until recently, I didn’t mind cleaning it myself. But dust gathers under almost all the furniture, which meant I had to bend down frequently to remove the dust bunnies that gathered there and drifted out in large gusts. All the bending down was exhausting.

vacuum-cleaner-268179_960_720So I hired a housekeeper to clean just the floors. She asked if there was anything else I wanted done, and after some thought, I requested that she clean the mirrors too, since no matter how hard I tried, they always appeared smudged. Now every other weekend I clean all the counters, furniture, and bathrooms, and she does the rest. It’s an unusual arrangement, but cleaning half my home works well, and the housework no longer exhausts me. If you live with chronic illness, try to find creative solutions to meet your basic needs, and your life might also get much easier!


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