turkey-23435_960_720One of my oldest friends moved to Los Angeles with his wife after being a lifelong New Yorker. With them having no family on the West coast, I wanted to provide a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. But I’d been sick for a couple months, didn’t have any vacation time available to prepare in advance, and I’m not a good cook to begin with. I decided to cut as many corners as possible in order to provide my friends with a decent holiday meal. I bought frozen, precooked sweet potatoes, made stuffing from a box, and purchased packaged gravy and a pre-brined turkey. We still experienced enough culinary snafus to fill the plot of a Lifetime television special, but ultimately, with some teamwork from my friends, we enjoyed a sumptuous holiday meal.

When living with chronic illness, sometimes we need to simplify in order to achieve our goals. No one at my Thanksgiving table cared if I brined my turkey myself or purchased it that way. If life becomes challenging due to illness, don’t feel bad about cutting a few corners to get a job done.


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