When I visit New York City, I usually stop by Levain Bakery on West 74th street to buy their amazing chocolate chip cookies. The storefront is down a flight of steps and occupies a space the size of two coffins. Previously, this had never been an issue. But when visiting the city last October, every time I passed the bakery, people lined up for ten yards outside. On my last day of the trip, despite the cold weather and long lines, I decided to buy a couple cookies. Several middle-aged woman wearing transit uniforms stood in front of me in line. I asked them why the store suddenly had such long waits, and they explained that it now had a Facebook page.

cookie-1264231__180The three transit workers and I chatted briefly as we tried to stay warm in the frigid air. One of the ladies, Darlene, had never eaten a cookie from the bakery before. Fed up with the wait, she declared to her friend, “This cookie better rock me to sleep and call me Daddy.” Without missing a beat, her friend replied, “It will.”

I find when I focus on negativity, my situations remain negative. When I seek out the positive, they sometimes turn around. I learned this valuable lesson from managing my health issues, and it serves me well in the rest of my life. Darlene made what might have been a purely frustrating experience into a delightful one. She gave me her permission to quote her in my blog, and I chuckle every time I think of this funny lady.


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