notes-514998__180Over the last two years since I began to market and edit my first book, I’ve felt like a one-woman cottage industry. A publisher, editor, publicist, photographer, make-up artist, website designer, and computer whiz kid are just some of the people who have entered my life, and whom I depend on to produce skillful writing and successful marketing. As a new author, I’ve had massive amounts of on-the-job training. I’m now knowledgeable about things I don’t even care about, like custom made business cards. Someone recently asked, “Didn’t you make your business cards on-line?” No, and in fact my cards required eleven separate trips to printers to create the final product, which wasn’t exactly what I’d wanted, but it served the purpose. I’ve learned about so many aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing, it’s sometimes overwhelming.

When I feel burdened by the amount of skill or knowledge required, I remind myself that home-office-336378__180I’ve been here before. This is exactly what was demanded of me when I was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Very sick at the time, I needed to learn, quickly, everything I could about the illness and potential treatments. I didn’t give in when I felt overwhelmed. Instead I forged ahead, gathering information and advocating for my needs. Then, as now, I was able to attend to the task at hand in order to take care of myself. Sometimes the worst parts of our lives serve us well later when faced with other challenges. I was proud of myself then and am grateful now that the skills I developed to meet a painful challenge have served me well with this happy one.


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