I belong to the best club in the world. This club has four members: my niece and nephew’s other aunts and me. Every few years a family event brings us together, and I’m reminded how pleased I am that these three wonderful women share the same relationship with my favorite people in the world. mixer-tap-413745__180

This summer I attended my niece’s college graduation. Two of the other aunts were also in attendance. One of the aunts, Barbara, discussed her housecleaning ethos in anticipation of houseguests who were arriving the following week. Barbara’s philosophy was “clean the chrome, and no one will notice anything else.” She believed if the chrome shone, her guests would notice that first and overlook the other parts of her home that might not be as clean and sparkly. This was one of the smartest things I’d ever heard, and I decided to embrace it as a life philosophy. Now as I face large and small challenges, I try to remember what others will notice and care about and that much of the rest may not matter. It’s a way to focus on the essential and let go of the rest. Barbara is one smart cookie.


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