I sat next to a smart, lively woman at a wedding this summer who extolled the benefits of turmeric. She informed me that recent research proved it decreases inflammation in the body. I’m always open to trying new wellness tools, so after conducting some basic research to verify the information, I trotted off to the health food store to purchase the spice in capsule form. I added it to my daily medication routine, hoping it might boost my general health. After a month of use, I felt the same as I had at my baseline: functional, but not great.spices-541974__180

The good thing about experimenting with supplements is that they are almost always returnable. Knowing this, I’d kept my receipt and received a full refund at the health food market where I’d purchased the turmeric. I always hold out hope that something accessible and affordable will increase my general wellness. If it doesn’t pan out, I can usually get my money back and still have the satisfaction of at least being proactive about my health by trying something new.


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