My body works in ways sometimes unexplained by modern medicine. For example, if I’m on the verge of a chronic fatigue relapse, my feet will begin to ache, as if I have the flu from the ankles down. This occurs before the rest of my body feels a thing. I find myself thinking, What happened to my feet? What did I do to them? Then this fleeting thought leads to remembrance, and I understand what’s happening. My feet serve as a strange early warning system telling me to slow down and relax so the rest of my body won’t feel the way my feet do.


This is the part of the unique ecosystem of my body. In Living Well with Chronic Illness, I encourage readers to learn the signs and symptoms of their own ecosystem in order to maximize health and wellness. Sometimes our ecosystems help by giving us clues to take care of ourselves, so we need to pay attention to them.


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