images_21Sometimes I’m too busy to listen to my meditation tape, the one I’ve been using since 1998. A yoga teacher I met at a party urged me to meditate in short sessions of even a few minutes. She encouraged me to let go of my expectations that my meditative practice needed to be the same every day and to do it when I could for as long as I had available. Now when I’m having a busy day, I plant myself on my couch, set the timer for five minutes, and do my best to breath and relax. I’ve learned over time that meditation is always a welcome respite, whether it’s five or twenty minutes long.

I can’t always take care of myself as well as I’d like. I miss sleep, eat the bad food that is frequently available in my office, or have popcorn at the movies for dinner. While I can’t always maintain my wellness practices, I believe the little efforts I make have a positive effect on my health, and they balance out my deficits on an imperfect day.


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