piles-gold-coins-15005002One of my mottos: Use the resources I have now for the things I need now. For example, it doesn’t make sense to save cash to my savings account while waiting to pay off my credit card. I pay the credit card off with my extra cash and then resume contributing to my savings account. I often get sick suddenly, and I worry about having enough sick time saved at work. But this year, after two months of illness, I noticed a few sick days on the books and decided to stay home until I felt better. It was hard for me to use up all my sick time, but it didn’t make sense to save it for an imagined illness worse than the one I’d had for two months since Christmas. A few days off from work to do nothing but rest helped tremendously. When resources like time and money are limited, it’s hard to deplete them for a current need. But invariably I find this is the best choice.


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