food-686922__180On a recent Saturday morning, I desperately wanted to go to the movies, but I had a long list of chores and errands I’d convinced myself I should finish first. I often worry that if I don’t accomplish tasks when I plan them, they won’t be done in time. That morning I decided they all could wait. Sometimes when you live with chronic illness and its complex demands, you need to step back from the daily grind of managing your illness and just enjoy life.

After the bargain matinee, I left the theater ready to face my long list of chores. When we don’t relax or take time to enjoy our lives when we’re able to, we run the risk of losing out on some of life’s pleasures, which are already frequently circumscribed by illness. Creating balance between what we must do to remain functional and enjoying our lives is a constant challenge. Don’t forget to do what you love.


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