Sick and struggling with some personal issues, I decided I needed to find a television show I could watch during the woman-couch-watching-tv-young-lying-television-33826014holidays. I sought a multi-season show that would engage my mind and allow me to rest after work and on the weekends. I spent three months binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, all ten seasons of it. I’d never seen the show before and figured it had to be decent to be on the air for so long. I didn’t plan to spend three months watching DVDs on my couch, but that’s what happened. I couldn’t seem to heal, and I was in a funk. My head wanted me to be out and about, but my body and low spirits kept me reclining on my sofa.

I work at a teaching hospital and usually have two or three interns on my service. By the third month, without disclosing the reason, I told the interns about my binge. I exchanged notes with them about the experience of interns on the show compared to their experiences in our hospital. I made many Grey’s Anatomy jokes, which they all seemed to understand and find amusing. At home, I worried what I would do at the end of Season 10, preparing for grief and loss. But by the end of Season 8, my funk resolved, and by Season 9, my health improved. My funk was over! Even while sick and unhappy, I enjoyed my binge watching. There are worse ways to ride out a period of poor health. And I’m looking forward to watching Season 11 once it’s released on DVD.


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