I read that smiling boosts your happy hormones. One day at work I decided to put this scientific tidbit to the test. Feeling unwell and struggling to make it through the day, I needed to run a ten-minute errand between buildings at the hospital complex where I’m employed. On the way to my destination, I began to smile like the Joker in Batman. People saw me smiling broadly, and they smiled back. Strangers said hello to me. Returning to my building more people smiled and


greeted me. Back in my office, I noticed my breathing had deepened, as if I’d been meditating instead of smiling. Now I couldn’t stop smiling. Not wanting my colleagues in our shared office to think I was a lunatic or had suddenly developed lockjaw, I forced myself to stop. I realized I felt better, and I was able to make it through my workday.I keep trying new methods to improve my days. Some work and some don’t. But I continue to experiment and I’m always relieved when I find a fresh trick for my health toolkit. Never give in to your chronic illness. Keep searching, and you may find new tools to make each day better. And smile while you’re at it!


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